Pedestrian Killed in Staten Island — But Teen Driver is Charged

File photo: Gersh Kuntzman
File photo: Gersh Kuntzman

Cops arrested a teenaged Staten Island driver who, they say, ran over and killed a 71-year-old pedestrian just a block from his house in Arden Heights on Saturday.

Police say that Daniel Dunn, 17, hit Salvatore Pierro as he crossed Arden Avenue in the crosswalk. Dunn had been traveling westbound on Annadale Road and attempted to make a left turn onto Arden in his 2011 Jeep Patriot.

Pierro was taken to Staten Island University hospital, where he died. Dunn was charged with failure to yield and failure to exercise due care — both of which carry jail sentences measured in days, not weeks, months or years.

There have been three crashes on the same block since 2014, injuring five people, according to Crashmapper. The same database of city carnage revealed that there were 11,566 reported crashes last year in Staten Island, causing injuries to 62 cyclists, 374 pedestrians and 2,290 drivers. One pedestrian was killed.