Jose Peralta and Michael DenDekker Call for Speed Cams at Every School

There is more than one Albany bill to loosen state restrictions on New York City’s speed camera program.

State Senator Jose Peralta introduced legislation today that would allow the city to install cameras in every school zone, up from the 140-camera cap imposed by the state. A separate Peralta bill, introduced in March, would eliminate state rules that limit the use of cameras to school hours.

In the Assembly, Deborah Glick is sponsoring a bill that would accomplish both those goals, as well as remove the sunset provision state lawmakers placed on the camera program. Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets are campaigning to get Glick’s bill passed.

Another bill from Assembly Member Michael DenDekker would suspend vehicle registrations of people who accumulate five or more speed camera tickets in a year, according to the Daily News.

“We’re happy to work with Assembly Member Glick because she’s been a leader on this issue from day one,” TA Deputy Director Caroline Samponaro told Streetsblog. Samponaro said the introduction of overlapping bills could work out for the best. “It’s good to see [Peralta and DenDekker] stepping up and taking action.”

It is encouraging to see DenDekker and Peralta focus on behavior that actually causes traffic deaths and injuries. Last winter, they called for new regulations and education campaigns directed at how people walk, after a hit-and-run driver killed high school student Ovidio Jaramillo on Northern Boulevard.

“We want to reduce deaths, reduce injuries,” Peralta told the News. “Police will not be everywhere and these cameras, at over 2,000 locations, will help tremendously to get these people off the streets.” Peralta and DenDekker were joined by Assembly Member Francisco Moya, who has opposed the redesign of 111th Street in Corona, at a Queens press conference today announcing the bills.

It may take some doing to get lawmakers on the same page, but Samponaro sees the multiple bills as a positive sign. “We’re optimistic we’ll see progress this session,” she said.