Eyes on the Street: Drivers Retake the Kent Avenue Bike Lane

DOT reconfigured the southern part of the Kent Avenue bike lane this spring, but that hasn’t stopped drivers from taking over the lane and the sidewalk for personal parking.

A reader took this photo earlier today. He writes:

I bike from LIC to Clinton Hill every morning and use the Kent Ave bike path. Luckily there was an upstanding citizen already on the phone with 311. This obstruction was particularly dangerous because it was forcing bikes into oncoming traffic. It wasn’t just one car either, it was six.

Part of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway route, this stretch of Kent Avenue was given a road diet after a hit-and-run driver killed two people at Wilson Street in March 2013. Parking in the bike lane was a chronic issue before the redesign, and drivers continued to use it after the lane was painted. Then plastic posts went in, but at this point it’s clear this problem is not going away without an upgraded physical barrier or NYPD enforcement.

This section of Kent is on the border of the 88th and 90th Precincts. We’ve asked NYPD if the department is enforcing parking laws there.

105 thoughts on Eyes on the Street: Drivers Retake the Kent Avenue Bike Lane

  1. They have no political power over the federal government, which is why an ADA lawsuit is probably the correct way to attack this.

  2. The Hasidim ride bikes, too. And they’re extremely well connected politically because they vote as a community. I don’t know how being a narrow-minded person makes you more enlightened but by all means fight people who are not your community because somehow your ideals are better than sharing the space with them. Just don’t be surprised when they’re incensed into having all the protected bike space removed.

  3. We’ve asked to share the space. They’ve chosen to circumvent the laws and do as they please. I’m not being narrow-minded I’m simply calling out some of the bullshit they’ve been pulling within that particular neighborhood. In fact, a few city council members and public advocates have been investigating their (potentially) illegal real estate practices (i.e. denying housing applications from anyone not Hasidic, specifically denying anyone African-American). With regards to the bicycle infrastructure, that bike lane was built for safety and because motorists have a very difficult time “sharing the space” with anyone not like them (not in an auto). You really should find another blog to troll.

  4. How is letting cars park on Kent Ave during the High Holy days not sharing the space? And what does it matter how they conduct real estate business in their neighborhood? I don’t think that’s the problem, I think the issue is all these new resistants and new bicycle riders feel empowered to take what they want and dictate how others should live because of some privilege they think they have. This is not sharing, it’s just outrage masked as a civic concern. Fuck the Kent Ave bike lane, fuck Williamsburg, and fuck everyone who thinks they can do a better job by sharing their unwanted opinions.

  5. This forum exists to foster dialogue on how streets, which are public spaces, can be made safer for all users. We value diverse opinions but don’t allow ad hominem attacks.

    Based on his comments here and on and other sites, “dopemove” isn’t interested in livable streets. He will no longer be commenting on Streetsblog.

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