Bus Driver Seriously Injures Cyclist on Hudson River Greenway

Photo: ##https://twitter.com/HildaBikes/status/492305400432439296##@HildaBikes##
Photo: @HildaBikes

A bus driver seriously injured a cyclist on the Hudson River Greenway in Hell’s Kitchen this morning.

The crash occurred at 40th Street at approximately 9:42 a.m., according to FDNY. A man was transported to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition, a Fire Department spokesperson said.

Hilda Cohen tweeted the above photo of a stopped NY Waterway bus and a person on the ground near the right front wheel. According to Cohen, NYPD said the cyclist “hit the bus, but was then dragged under the front wheel.”

An NYPD spokesperson told Streetsblog the department’s public information office had no details on the crash. New York City drivers strike nearly two pedestrians and cyclists an hour, on average. NYPD normally disseminates information only on the most serious crashes.

NY Waterway buses cross the greenway to access the 39th Street ferry terminal.

In general, motorist encroachment on the greenway poses a serious hazard to cyclists and pedestrians. In 2006, an NYPD tow truck driver who failed to yield killed Carl Nacht as he rode on the path at 38th Street, two blocks south of this morning’s collision. The same year, Eugenio Cidron drove drunk from a Chelsea Piers parking lot onto the greenway and killed cyclist Eric Ng.

The Hudson River Park Trust gets revenue from commercial enterprises inside the park, several of which have parking lots and driveways. The Trust plans to add more driveways and conflict points across the greenway to serve a new retail and food market with 75 parking spaces at Pier 57 in Chelsea.

We will post more details on this crash as they become available. Please leave any tips in the comments.