The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle violence across the five boroughs. For more on the origins and purpose of this column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

Maria Lucaj, 55, was one of ## people fatally struck by drivers## on the day before Thanksgiving. The teenager who ran her over was not charged and was soon posting unrelated status updates on Twitter. Photo via New York Post

Fatal Crashes (4 Killed This Week; 210 This Year; 15 Drivers Charged*)

  • Flushing: Dr. Siu Lee, 55, Struck by Mercedes Driver Crossing Booth Memorial Avenue (PostDNA)
  • Co-Op City: Gloria Mabry, 74, Hit by Turning MTA Bus Driver (Streetsblog)
  • Woodhaven: Yunior Antonio Perez Rodriguez, 35, Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver (Streetsblog)
  • LIC: NYPD Officer Elisa Toro, 36, Crashes Through Queensboro Bridge Ramp Barrier (NYTDNA)**
  • Morris Park: Maria Lucaj, 55, Run Down by Teen Driver in a Crosswalk With the Right of Way; Driver Claimed She “Didn’t See”; No Charges Filed (Post, News 12 1 , 2)***
  • Tottenville: Kyle John Miller, 18, Dies from Injuries After Slamming Car Into Utility Poles (Advance)***

Injuries, Arrests, and Property Damage

  • Elmhurst: Livery Cab Driver Critically Injures 81-Year-Old Pedestrian (DNA)
  • Claremont: Pedestrian Struck, CIS Requested (@NYScanner)
  • Chelsea: Cab Driver Hits Pedestrian at Sixth Avenue and 23rd Street; CIS Requested (@NYScanner)
  • Woodrow: Drunk, Unlicensed Driver Slams Into Parked Cars in 100 MPH Police Chase (Advance)
  • Clinton Hill: Driver Runs Red on Washington Avenue, Crashes Into Van, Bike-Share Station (Streetsblog)
  • Richmond Hill: Pedestrian Struck, Seriously Injured at 95th Avenue and 115th Street (@NYScanner)
  • East Williamsburg: Driver Flips Van at Metropolitan Avenue (@NYScanner)
  • Marine Park: Driver Seriously Injured in Crash on Belt Parkway (@NYScanner)
  • Mariner’s Harbor: Drunk, Unlicensed Driver Crashes Into Turning Vehicle; Flees Scene (Advance)
  • Great Kills: Driver Arrested for DWI After Blaring Horn at NYPD Officer (Advance)

* Based on latest available reports
** Incident in which a vehicle left the roadway
*** As these crashes occurred prior to last Friday, they are not reflected in the weekly figure.