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As recently as 2007, there were no protected bike lanes in New York City, plans to enhance major bus routes were sitting on a shelf, and city transportation officials were still trying to do things like convert neighborhood commercial streets into high-speed traffic sewers. Streetsblog and Streetfilms helped change that. We raised expectations for our streets and showed people what’s possible. When NYC DOT became a national leader in progressive transportation policy, we countered the reactionary opponents of street redesigns with fact and reasoned analysis.

With a new mayor in City Hall, the next year will determine whether NYC continues to make progress on safer streets and effective transit. Streetsblog and Streetfilms won’t let Mayor Bill de Blasio forget his campaign pledges to sharply reduce traffic deaths, expand rapid bus service throughout the city, and invest in safe bike infrastructure. To do it, we need your help. Please make a tax-deductible gift to Streetsblog and Streetfilms so we have the resources to hold the next administration accountable and keep NYC streets moving in the right direction.

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For extra motivation, thanks to our friends at PUBLIC Bikes we are giving away one classy C7 and one beautiful V7 bicycle to two lucky readers who give $50 or more. We’ll hold the drawing after December 31, and the first name out of the hat gets first pick. Feast your eyes:


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