Marty Golden Needs to Hear From New Yorkers Who Want Speed Cameras

It appears The speed camera bill will clear has cleared the Assembly, but the effort to protect NYC school kids from reckless drivers is in trouble in the State Senate.

As NYC's Republican leader in the Senate, responsibility for the speed camera bill rests with Marty Golden.

At this writing, S04459A is laid aside for discussion. We’re hearing from multiple sources that Senate Republicans say they oppose the bill, but are offering no consensus why. Regardless, as the leader of the NYC delegation, responsibility for getting the bill through the Senate rests with Marty Golden.

“Senator Golden is the key to making sure this comes up for a full vote,” says Juan Martinez, general counsel for Transportation Alternatives, who spoke with us from Albany.

With the bill stalled in the transportation committee yesterday, it appeared committee chair Senator Charles Fuschillo was the obstacle. But a spokesperson refused to discuss why Fuschillo, of Long Island, would have a problem with a speed enforcement measure for New York City.

Echoing the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Golden has said he objects to speed cameras as a substitute for police officers. Despite copious evidence that speed cameras work, he later questioned their effectiveness, saying he would support cameras if he could be convinced that the “technology is proven.”

“Senator Golden has indicated that he understands the importance of the legislation, and wouldn’t vote against it if it came to the floor,” says Martinez. “But the residents of the city of New York need him to push for a vote in order to make sure this gets done this session.”

With a backlog of bills, the legislature extended its session. With business expected to wrap up today, there’s still time to let Marty Golden know that New Yorkers want speed cameras to make it safer for kids to walk to school. Golden’s contact info is here.