This Is Your Last Chance to Support Streetsblog

Streetsblog’s spring pledge drive will end tonight at midnight and we need to go out with a bang. Please contribute today to support journalism and commentary that makes New York City streets safer and more sustainable. Just 60 more donations today and we’ll hit our target.

So much has changed on NYC streets in the past six years — protected bike lanes, faster bus routes, safer sidewalks,  parking lots turning into public plazas — because the Department of Transportation under Janette Sadik-Khan has been unafraid to innovate and try new things. About half a year from now, we’ll have a new mayor, and it’s anyone’s guess whether the DOT of 2014 will put such a high priority on safety and efficiency instead of politics. Streetsblog will be here to remind the next administration that reallocating space from cars to transit, biking, and walking works. We have the proof right in front of our eyes here in New York, and we need to keep making progress, in every borough and every neighborhood.

Your contributions are what energize Streetsblog to speak up for New Yorkers who want safe streets, hold elected officials accountable when they obstruct transit improvements, and counter the tabloid nonsense about bike policy. Just about everyone in the journalism business right now is trying to figure out how to survive. Streetsblog’s model is pretty simple — we produce content that people feel so passionately about that they will support it voluntarily. We need our readers to pitch in.

Until midnight today, there’s also the matter of this wonderful Dahon folding bike to consider — one reader who gives $50 or more will take this home:

Thanks for reading and for supporting Streetsblog!

— Ben