Truck Driver With Suspended License Kills Man on Midtown Sidewalk

Via Gothamist, Channel 7 reports that a truck driver who never should have been behind the wheel killed a man walking on a Midtown sidewalk this morning:

A box truck that apparently made an illegal left from Park Avenue
to East 50th Street collided with a pickup truck, which was northbound
on Park Avenue.

The force of the collision pushed the box truck onto the sidewalk, mowing down the victim.

Neither driver was injured. Both were tested and came up negative for alcohol consumption.

However, the box truck driver will likely be charged with driving with a suspended license.

This is basic public safety here. New Yorkers’ lives are at risk walking on the sidewalk. Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Kelly won’t say it, but people are dying due to preventable causes. So, which public servant is going to step up and start pounding the message that tighter traffic enforcement and more effective laws can save lives?