Today’s Headlines

  • M42 Barely Moves During Rush Hour, Even Though It Has a "Dedicated" Lane (News)
  • At City Hall Rally, Advocates Call for Reforms to Keep Dangerous Drivers From Killing (NY1, PIX)
  • There’s Hope for State DOTs: Texas Adopts a Street Design Manual for Walkable Urbanism (Citiwire)
  • Adolfo Carrion: National Urban Affairs Office Will Make a Splash in 2011 Budget (WNYC)
  • Open Gov’t Data Can Transform City Services. Will NYPD and MTA Take Advantage? (NYT)
  • Another Drunk Driving NYPD Disgrace: Detective Smashes Car Into Midtown Tunnel Toll Plaza (Post)
  • Can the Cellular Industry Be Held Liable for Distracted Driving Deaths? (NYT)
  • Taking a Ride on NYCT’s Quiet New Turbine Engine Bus (NYT)
  • The Next TWU Leaders May Take a Harder Line Against MTA Management (AMNY)
  • DIY Streets: London Neighbors Tame Traffic on Their Own (Guardian via How We Drive)

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