Wanted: Public Space Expert to Help Implement Next Gen NYC Streets

We knew DOT wasn’t about to let its new Street Design Manual molder on a shelf. But it’s always encouraging to see signs that great designs on paper will translate into better streets and public spaces in the real world. Here’s a pretty big one spotted in the form of a job posting on DOT’s web site:

DOT is seeking an experienced project manager
for its Public Space Unit to manage the development and implementation
of street design standards and policies of DOT’s new Street Design
Manual. This position is in the Public Spaces Unit in the Division of
Planning and Sustainability, which was formed in 2007 to implement the
public space elements of PlaNYC 2030, the City’s blueprint for creating
a more sustainable city and the agency’s Sustainable Streets strategic
plan. In addition to the development and implementation of the Street
Design Manual, the unit develops public spaces on DOT property around
the City.

The candidate will be responsible for developing, refining and
expanding the Street Design Manual and promoting its implementation by
other DOT divisions, City agencies and other key stakeholders. The
candidate will also work with City and State agencies and community
groups to review and help plan existing capital and other roadway
projects currently underway in New York City to ensure they conform to
the Street Design Manual’s policy and design guidelines.

Gotta like the part about branching out to other agencies.

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