Brooklyn Carnage: Pedestrian Killed, Pedicabbie and Passengers Injured

pedicabaccident.jpgPhoto: CBS 2

A 65-year-old man waiting for a bus was killed Tuesday night by a 16-year-old male driving with only a learner’s permit. From 1010WINS via Gothamist:

Stanislaw Zak, of Brooklyn, was struck and killed as he waited at a bus
stop near the intersection of Bay Ridge Parkway and 18th Avenue at
about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

The teen will be ticketed for driving with a learner’s permit without a
licensed driver, police said. No word yet as to whether the teen will
face additional charges.

Police say the teen’s Mazda struck another car before it struck and killed Zak.

The teen was taken to Lutheran Hospital, and is said to be in stable condition.

Also in Brooklyn, the Post is reporting that "a pedicab crashed into a yellow taxi" this morning at Broadway and Bedford Avenue, near the Williamsburg Bridge bike approach. The pedicab must have been traveling at an amazing speed, because the impact caused it to snap in half, according to the story. The Post says the pedicab driver and two passengers were all hospitalized in critical condition with head injuries, but CBS 2 reports that one passenger was not injured. No mention of any pending charges.