Brooklyn Bridge to Be Closed to Cyclists for Bike Traffic Calming

2397581278_1e9323246d.jpgThe Brooklyn Bridge will be closed to cyclists this Saturday and Sunday, November 1 and 2, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. for what DOT describes as measures to calm bike traffic on the promenade.

From an e-mail issued by the Brooklyn borough commissioner’s office earlier this week:

NYCDOT will be implementing enhanced markings and
signage on the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade (Bicycle/Pedestrian Path) in
order to calm bicycle traffic and reduce potential bicycle-pedestrian

Here are more details from the DOT web site:

The Brooklyn Bridge bicycle and pedestrian path will be intermittently closed
to cyclists on several upcoming Saturdays and some weeknights to allow DOT
workers to remove outdated signage, install new markings, update pavement
symbols and improve the pedestrian crossing at the Washington Street entrance.
These changes are necessary to minimize bicycle and pedestrian conflicts on the
path and to ensure the safety of all path users.

The Manhattan Bridge is the suggested alternate route.

This had us wondering what, if anything, DOT’s plans have to do with the recent ticketing blitz aimed at bridge bike commuters. But the press office would only refer us to the NYPD, saying "we do not issue tickets."

Photo: Sugar Pond/Flickr