Pedestrian Killed By Truck Near Brooklyn Bridge


Dolly Shirzad was crossing Adams Street in downtown Brooklyn yesterday when a truck driver "tried to catch" a yellow light and struck her. Shirzad, 59 or 69 according to stories filed by the Daily News and NY1, was declared dead at the scene.

Witness accounts as reported by the Daily News:

Dolly Shirzad had stepped off the median on the wide street when she was struck by a Manhattan Food Exchange truck at about noon, witnesses said.

"The light turned yellow and instead of yielding, he tried to catch the light," said witness C.J. Jones, 26, of Bedford-Stuyvesant. "Everybody tries to catch the light. But that’s the wrong area to do that."

The driver was exiting the Brooklyn Bridge when he struck Shirzad, according to Streetsblog reader Dan McKinley, who was present at the scene. As of this morning, NYPD’s press office was not certain whether criminality had been determined.

Photo: Dan McKinley