The Week in Review

Yogurt or gasoline? Weekend ribaldry courtesy of the Neistat Brothers.

  • NASCAR took what may have been its final "victory lap" around Midtown week, its top drivers speeding and spinning through Midtown Manhattan, backing up traffic and hogging bike lanes. In other words, behaving pretty much like the average New York City motorist. And like the typical driver, NASCAR stars had the blessing of the city, which has its hands full with sass-mouth bike commuters.
  • Congestion pricing friends and foes had it out over what to make of the Congestion Mitigation Commission hearings. Environmental Defense found it encouraging that most who offered testimony supported some form of the mayor’s plan, while the Village Voice saw "a disturbing lack of interest on the part of the general public when it comes to voicing their opinions on a plan that would radically change the urban landscape." Luckily, local TV news watchdogs are on the case — and they won’t rest until you’re behind the wheel of a brand new 4Runner!
  • With a DOT meeting turnout of about 30, one could say Harlem residents showed a disturbing lack of interest in the effects of congestion pricing on neighborhood parking. Speaking of parking (and many of you have), new Yankee Stadium cheerleader Adolfo Carrion got a hefty campaign contribution from property owners who collected a much heftier stadium-related air rights fee from the city. Wonder what The Ethicist would say about that one?