No Vote on Stadium Deal by Bronx Borough Board

We wrote a couple weeks back that one of the problems with the new Yankee Stadium parking subsidy deal is that the Bronx Borough Board has yet to vote on it — perhaps because board members, along with the borough president himself, are still waiting for information on the project from the Industrial Development Agency.

The Bronx Borough Board was expected to take up the stadium parking issue today, but Streetsblog has received word that it was not on the agenda after all. Though this will presumably affect the scheduling of an IDA vote to issue the $225 million in tax exempt bonds sought to finance construction of three stadium parking garages, an article in today’s Sun — referring to the complex as  "the most expensive baseball park ever built" — quotes a Yankees rep who says the project is proceeding as planned.

The Yankees have refused to provide interviews with those involved in the construction of the new stadium. A spokeswoman for the Yankees, Alice McGillion, said, "We are on schedule with construction, on budget, and fully expect to be operational and ready for opening day 2009."