Seventeen Elected Officials Endorse PlaNYC Initiatives

On Saturday, seventeen New York City and State elected officials stood with the Campaign for New York’s Future and officially endorsed PlaNYC. They are:

  • New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum
  • Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer
  • New York State Senator Liz Krueger (District 26)
  • New York State Senator Eric T. Schneiderman (District 31)
  • New York State Senator Jose Serrano Jr. (District 28)
  • New York State Assembly Member Karim Camara (District 43)
  • New York State Assembly Member Adriano Espaillat (District 72)
  • New York State Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried (District 75)
  • New York State Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh (District 74)
  • New York City Council Member Gale A. Brewer (District 6)
  • New York City Council Member Simcha Felder (District 44)
  • New York City Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick (District 4)
  • New York City Council Member James Sanders Jr. (District 31)
  • New York City Council Member Larry B. Seabrook (District 12)
  • New York City Council Member James Vacca (District 13)
  • New York City Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito (District 8 )
  • New York City Council Member David Yassky (District 33)

And here are some quotes from the Campaign’s press release: 

State Senator Jose M. Serrano said, "I proudly endorse the many great proposals in Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC, including his call for congestion pricing. I believe congestion pricing is one of the keys to reducing automobile traffic and carbon emissions throughout the city. As an elected official representing parts of Upper Manhattan and The Bronx, my support is based upon assurances of a robust commitment to enhancing mass transit, and addressing the localized concerns of neighborhoods outside of the Central Business District. I applaud the Mayor for his great vision, and I look forward to working with him to make sure that vision becomes a reality."

State Senator Liz Krueger said, "Traffic congestion is much more than just an annoyance for drivers who get stuck in their vehicles – it has far-reaching negative consequences to New Yorkers’ health and quality of life. There are senior citizens, the mobility-impaired, and families with young children who are regularly afraid to even leave the block they live on. Traffic ‘blocking the box’ places pedestrian safety at risk, allows less personal time for people to spend with their families, and leads to auto emissions that increase pollution and the asthma rate. A system of congestion pricing, implemented after improving access to, and the reliability of, mass transit in all 5 boroughs, will greatly benefit the every-day lives of all New Yorkers."

State Senator Schneiderman said, "The genius and breath of vision embodied in the PlaNYC proposal reminds us that government can act as an engine for bold social and transformative progress. It’s like a twenty-first century, kinder and gentler Robert Moses."

New York State Assembly Member Karim Camara said, "New York City is experiencing amazing growth, and we are anticipating even further population expansion in the coming years. We must act now if we are to have any hope of accommodating such growth while also ensuring a clean, healthy environment for all New Yorkers."

New York Assembly Member Richard Gottfried said, "As Chairman of the Assembly Health Committee, I have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of pollution and harmful emissions on New York’s residents, especially those in our most vulnerable communities. It is a moral imperative, as well as an economic necessity, that we get serious about safeguarding our environment and providing all New Yorkers with cleaner air and more open spaces. For this reason, I enthusiastically endorse PlaNYC."

Said Council Member Gale A. Brewer of Manhattan, "I fully support Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts as well as the concept of charging commuters who enter Manhattan. I agree we should put significant resources into improvements for mass transit before congestion pricing is implemented, including Bus Rapid Transit, regular buses, faster subways and more comfortable stations. My office has been committed to improving public transportation for all New Yorkers and I look forward to working with the MTA and DOT in implementing more change."

Council Member Simcha Felder said, "I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for his initiative with PlaNYC and I thank the Campaign for New York’s Future for holding this event. While I believe it is essential to improve public transportation in the outer boroughs before implementing any form of congestion pricing – the Mayor deserves tremendous credit for bringing the issues of long-term planning and sustainability to the forefront of his agenda and opening a necessary dialogue about the future of New York City and large cities throughout the world."

Said Council Member Dan Garodnick, "We must not stick our head in the sand about the future of this City. We need to think boldly about the many housing, transportation and infrastructure concerns that lay before us. That’s what PlaNYC does, and I am pleased to support its principles."

City Councilman James Vacca said, "In the years ahead, we can expect New Yorkers to live longer. We must plan now for what I call ‘senior friendly’ communities, which include open green space, air quality improvement and traffic mitigation. Traffic congestion and parking issues are becoming more profound each day. Improving mass transit access and reducing car usage to Manhattan, in my community and across the city, will address the all-day back-ups we now witness on highways and service roads spilling into local outer-borough communities."


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