The Fastest Way to Get to New Jersey


Bike courier Brendan McMullen displays the summons he received for riding through the Holland Tunnel

NY Minute‘s courier company’s courier of the month knew exactly what to do when a client’s error resulted in a last minute dash to Jersey City:

Courier 135, Brendan, picked up what he thought was a rush delivery to Hudson Street in the city. When he arrived, he realized it was really going to Jersey City. The client realized their error, but the package had to get to Jersey City in less than 30 minutes.

Brendan raced down Varick Street on his Huffy 10 speed and took a right turn into the Holland Tunnel. He was traveling faster than the traffic in the tunnel. The Port Authority Police were not amused and arrested him as soon as he entered New Jersey. He’s headed to court next month. We’ll pay the ticket.

Courier 135 is not the first to show that bicycling may very well be the fastest way to get through the Holland Tunnel. Check out this video by the Neistat Brothers, and please note: Streetsblog does not recommend that you try this yourself.

It’s 5:30 pm on a Friday night. I’m on Prince Street in Manhattan. I’m headed towards Varick Street. I just got the 1010 WINS JamCam traffic report saying that there’s a 35-minute delay in the Holland Tunnel. I’m just going to go show those fools how dumb they are to try to drive in this town…