Commissioner Weinshall Agrees: Two-Way Streets Calm Traffic

While Michael Primeggia, DOT’s Deputy Commissioner for Traffic Operations is trying to sell one-way mini-highways through Park Slope as a pedestrian safety improvement, his boss, DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall, is hawking the exact opposite. On Thursday, March 1, at the City Council Transportation Committee oversight hearing on the Mayor’s Long-Term Planning initiative, Weinshall touted two-way streets as successful traffic calming measure for Downtown Brooklyn. From her lips to your ears:

"Similarly, in Downtown Brooklyn, DOT has acted on many of the recommendations of the Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming Report. These measures include reducing the number of travel lanes, adding medians and left turn bays, adjusting signal timings, converting one-ways to two-ways, adding bicycle lanes and adding parking, all to slow vehicles down and discourage through traffic."