Speed Hump

Cutting-edge European traffic calming techniques seem to be having a bit of an American zeitgeist moment. Two pieces of evidence:

A German newspaper story about Hans Monderman, the Dutch traffic engineer who is, with great success, banishing signs, signals, stripes and all other forms of traffic governance at busy, complicated intersections earned a prominent link on the Drudge Report this weekend.

And a short film produced the Danish Road Safety Council has hit my e-mail inbox maybe a dozen times. Given the City of Copenhangen’s willingness to get creative in its transportation planning, I wasn’t sure at first if the film was real or a parody. But even if this is just a humorous public service announcement, it is indicative of yet another area where Danish transportation officials are way ahead of New York City’s — in the production of softcore traffic porn. Finally, I relent to the demands of the readership to bring you Speedbandits.dk

Warning: Topless traffic agents may not be appropriate to view at work.