Public Forum on NYPD Bike/Ped Rule Changes

Thursday, August 17, 7 pm
St. Mark’s Church (2nd Avenue and 10th Street)
People’s Public Forum on NYPD Rule Changes

On July 18, 2006 the New York City Police Department proposed changing City rules regarding parade permits. The changes will put bike rides, walks, jogs and other events under the Police Department’s direct control and will greatly discourage walking and biking.

Under the NYPD’s proposed rules:

  • Any group of two (yes, 2) or more cyclists or pedestrians traveling down a public street, who violate any traffic law, rule or regulation can be arrested for parading without a permit;
  • Every group of 20 or more cyclists must obtain a permit and approved route from the NYPD;
  • Every group of 35 of more pedestrians must obtain a permit and approved route from the NYPD.

Read the proposed changes here (PDF file).

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