Thursday’s Headlines: Calling It Like We See It Edition

Our reporters don’t wear kid gloves and they don’t pull punches. So we were very happy to see some positive results yesterday from some aggressive reporting earlier in the week. First, we learned that congestion pricing opponent Rodneyse Bichotte had flipped and is now a supporter of tolling drivers to enter central Manhattan. Then we learned that the MTA had backed away from the ledge of asking the NYPD to crack down on fare beaters — a trial balloon that we criticized as “bus and frisk” because of the Police Department’s infamous legacy of stopping hundreds of thousands of people in minority communities even though they had done nothing wrong.

And today, the mayor will announce that he is reducing the size of the city car fleet — the fleet that we have pointed out many times has grown tremendously under … this mayor. So, we’ll be there at the announcement to ask the tough questions.

Then again, we might be preoccupied with the day’s biggest story: we are born again and there is new grass on the field.

For now, though, here’s yesterday’s news:

  • Speaking of aggressive reporting, the Daily News led with the old news in its coverage of the City Council’s bid to crack down on placard abuse. But, like Streetsblog, Clayton Guse’s story did make the key point: Speaker Corey Johnson is enraged at the NYPD for saying it can’t or won’t fix the problem. Bike-riding bespoke throwback Vin Barone at amNY also covered.
  • Gothamist did a great job on its second-day piece on the arrest of Approved Oil truck driver Kenneth Jackson for killing Chaim Joseph in Midtown last month. We also covered, of course.
  • The Daily News, the WSJ and The Post covered the mayor’s lawsuit against the company that’s running those floating billboards. Of course, Gothamist did, too. Floating billboards are practically Gothamist’s main beat right now!
  • The website’s other main beat — fighting for the rights and dignity of e-bike delivery workers — was also well served with this deep dive into how the NYPD abuses its power, and defies the mayor and city law, in its ongoing crackdown. Christopher Robbins is on fire like an e-Citi Bike right now!
  • When you gotta go, you gotta go. But should you go in a subway bathroom? The Times explores this existential question.
  • L train repairs? Nothing to see here. (Gothamist) Except, of course, there is! (amNY)