Friday’s Headlines: Bad Day for the Mayor Edition

Wow, what a bad day the mayor had yesterday. First, he had to ride the subway, where reporters grumbled at his tardiness (NY Post). Then he gets to his own press conference only to have an Assembly Member tell everyone that she opposes congestion pricing plan (which is why the mayor was on the subway in the first place!). Then, reporters asked about his continued investment in a highly subsidized ferry system that carries passengers in the thousands every day, while the subway and bus system carry millions. (NY Post). Scott Stringer is not pleased. (Gothamist) Neither is the NY Post editorial page.

And now the rest of the news on a very slow day:

  • Now the MTA is trying to tell riders to listen to music more softly in their headphones? Is that really a priority, people? (NY Post)
  • The city has finally capitulated and will begin the process of making all curbs accessible to those in wheelchairs. (Gothamist)
  • This is the kind of stuff you hear when you cover a congestion pricing town hall meeting. (The Villager)
  • Bike Snob Eben Weiss makes a good case for not confronting drivers who almost kill you when you’re cycling. It made us almost want to stop confronting drivers who almost kill us when we’re cycling. (Outside)
  • The MTA board got rolled again, as a consultant was picked to oversee the new L-train construction plan. (WSJ)
  • Gotham Gazette got former Assembly Member Jim Brennan to whip the upcoming congestion pricing vote. Conclusion? He thinks it’s in trouble.
  • And, finally, oh my god, this is fantastic. (NY Times)