Friday’s Headlines: Pat Kiernan Gets It Edition

We spent most of the week writing about cops who drive recklessly in their personal cars when they’re off-duty. We found that roughly 40 percent of cops have multiple speeding or red light tickets. And we found one recidivist assigned to the 23rd Precinct in Manhattan with 41 of those serious moving violations. And later today, we’ll break an even bigger story of another cop’s willful disregard for human life.

Well, the good news is the mainstream media is starting to pay attention. On Monday, our editor will be on NY1’s “Mornings on 1” show with legendary Canadian Pat Kiernan, who, if he wasn’t so polite, would be really angry about how many bad cops we’re uncovering.

Hey, New York Times — you should get on this story, too!

And now the news:

  • Robert Spencer, 53, became the sixth cyclist to be killed so far this year. The Daily News victim-blamed the dead man, of course, while modest Motobecane rider Vin Barone at amNY focused on the truth:  our streets are too dangerous. There will be a memorial vigil for Spencer on Saturday at noon near the crash site at Borden Avenue and Second Street in Long Island City.
  • Gothamist is soliciting stories about your commute. (Guys, is that a good idea?)
  • Some antediluvian members of Community Board 7 in Flushing trotted out pretty much every debunked myth about bike lanes to show their opposition to a very solid DOT plan. (QNS)
  • The Daily News editorial board came out in favor of scooters — with two reasonable conditions, but one not-so-reasonable one (drivers are the ones who should be required to wear helmets, given how many of them die inside their cars every year).
  • The great transportation mode expert Bruce Schaller penned an op-ed in the Daily News debunking two major myths about congestion pricing. Speaker Heastie, who sat down with our own David Meyer yesterday, had better be listening.
  • And, finally, some completely not personal news.