Tuesday’s Headlines: It’s Usain Bolt Day in New York

Yes, you read that right: The greatest athlete in the history of the world, Usain Bolt, will come to City Hall today to show off a new line of scooters from a company that bears his name (and had better be paying him royally). Streetsblog will be there, if only to test-ride some new micro-mobility with the biggest name in scooters since Paul Steely White joined Bird.

And now, the news:

  • Wow, the mayor really laced into our editor at his weekly question-and-answer session on Monday. Good reason, perhaps, given how Streetsblog has spent three days reporting on how many cops drive recklessly through the city in their private cars. (Oddly, however, the mayor publicly disagreed with his police commissioner over that flag football game that turned into a placard abuse party, the New York Post reported.)
  • What’s with all the dust at Bedford Avenue? (NY Post)
  • Jump Bikes, which operates small dockless programs in the Bronx and Staten Island, is launching a subscription model. (Crain’s) And City & State reported that Jump and Lime’s pilot programs will continue for a while longer.
  • President Trump’s proposed budget — the one that slashes money for transit and Amtrak — also doesn’t have a dime in it for the Gateway tunnel project, which is needed to avoid a catastrophic collapse of the regional economy. (amNY)
  • And, finally, advocates installed a ghost bike for Joseph Chiam, the 72-year-old who was killed near Times Square last month. Friend of Streetsblog Ken Coughlin sent the picture below. More photos are on the Families for Safe Streets Facebook page.

joseph chiam ghost bike