Monday’s Headlines: Snow Day Edition

So Mayor de Blasio gave all the public school kids a day off because of the snow, meaning that parents all over the city are scrambling to make alternate arrangements so they don’t lose their jobs. We have to point out that this might not be happening if the mayor hadn’t given free parking to 50,000 teachers, meaning they’re far more likely to drive to work. No free parking means far less driving and far more safety for everyone, snow or no snow.

As Friend of Streetsblog Aaron Naparstek pointed out on Twitter:

And now the news:

  • The Post spent the weekend attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for doing what every other politician in New York City and the nation does: driving. Now, that said, we at Streetsblog agree that it’s hypocritical to push a “Green New Deal” then jump into an SUV. But the Post’s breathlessness was too clever by half. When the Tabloid of Record starts being consistent about the overall menace of cars, we’ll start listening.
  • A man was hit and killed by an MTA bus driver in Queens early on Monday. (WPIX11)
  • It was nice to see Long Island Newsday support congestion pricing over the weekend, especially given some lawmakers’ opposition out there. Meanwhile, the Daily News editorial board, reading those suburban tea leaves, called on Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins to get her act together and actually lead on the issue.
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer did a Sunday presser calling for a federal monitor to make sure the MTA commuter rail lines install a much needed, and long-delayed, safety feature. (NYDN)
  • The Daily News made a good point about congestion pricing: No one wants Upper Manhattan neighborhoods filled with Jersey, Westchester and Connecticut drivers looking for parking just outside the toll zone. Is the solution residential parking permits? (NYDN)
  • Still confused about the MTA’s L-train repair plans? The agency is here to help, with public sessions coming soon. (amNY)
  • Cops towed away legally parked cars in Inwood so they could park their own cars and play flag football. (Susie via Twitter)
  • And, finally, Friend of Streetsblog Laura Shepard solicited biking limericks in advance of Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Parade in Sunnyside, where some residents still hate cyclists. Streetsblog resident off- off- off-Broadway musical producer had way way too much fun with them.