Friday’s Headlines: Even Kids Know Parking Lots Are Wasteful Edition

spot's parking lotWait a second: There’s a kid’s book about parking lots?

Yes! And it may be the only kid’s book blurbed by parking guru and Friend of Streetsblog Donald Shoup. We found out about it, thanks to a tip from our friends at the “War on Cars” podcast. The book apparently teaches kids how many better things grownups could be doing with wasteful, inefficient parking lots.

No wonder Shoup said the book will “entertain children [and] subtly educate them about cities, economics, and the environment.”

So go out there and buy “Spot’s Parking Lot” by Bridget C. Brown.

OK, that’s all from the Streetsblog Review of Books. Here’s the rest of the day’s important news:

  • After our big story about Citi Bike’s e-xpensive e-bike expansion, Doug Gordon pointed out on Twitter that a $2-per-e-ride fee isn’t exactly progressive — and it definitely puts the private in public-private partnership. The Post also covered the story, atypically focusing on the inequity issue. Good-natured gumshoe Vin Barone at amNY didn’t play up the added fee, but Gothamist really did. And the Times skipped it again, still considering Citi Bike to be an effete hobby rather than a public transit system that serves tens of thousands of people daily.
  • Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal wrote about the ferry system, which, unlike Citi Bike, is highly subsidized by the city.
  • Double-duty Barone also had a nice story about how slow the city has been to install bike racks. (amNY)
  • Crain’s pointed out that the neighborhoods above 60th Street in Manhattan are going to want residential parking permits when congestion pricing begins or else those neighborhoods will likely get inundated with drivers seeking to park before entering the tolled zone.
  • Great minds? Our own David Meyer took some heat for his razor-sharp analysis earlier this week of Mayor de Blasio’s capitulation to Gov. Cuomo on the new MTA structure — but the Council Speaker (and possible next mayor) Corey Johnson seconded our hard-working scribe. (NYDN)
  • OK, so Gothamist won this round over Streetsblog, landing the interview with new Public Advocate Jumaane Williams that we also requested. And it’s a good thing, too, because the former Council Member with the horrible driving record admitted he took a road safety course after reading about the aforementioned dismal driving record in the Daily News. (How dismal? Oh, it’s worse than he even thought.)
  • Department of Transportation officials will meet with Brooklyn Heights stakeholders on March 11 to possibly reveal a new plan for reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (though it seems unlikely that city officials will consider the Streetsblog Plan: tearing down the highway and turning it into a boulevard-style, bike- and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood roadway. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Revolving door: We wish Daily News transportation reporter Dan Rivoli the best at his new NY1 gig.
  • And finally, City Council Member Ben Kallos was late to his own press conference in support of congestion pricing — but he had a good reason: the MTA bus he was riding got stuck in congestion! Streetfilms auteur Clarence Eckerson Jr. was there and filed this report:

NYC Council Member Ben Kallos on Congestion Pricing from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.