Thursday Headlines: So, a Pigeon Gets on a Bus Edition

We are red-faced to admit this, but we missed CBS2’s incredible coverage of the minor bus crash on Tuesday that apparently resulted from a driver who was distracted by a passenger. That passenger was a pigeon. Or at least that’s what the bus driver is saying, given that the bird with the beef is now on the lam. (You’re welcome.)

And now, the news:

  • Now you can add swastikas to the list of ills for the suffering L train. (NYDN)
  • First, he lacked all sense of decency and honor — and now Council Member Ruben Diaz Sr. lacks a committee to chair. (NYDN) Meanwhile, say it ain’t so, Ydanis, say it ain’t so! (No, really, people are saying you need to be clearer that you don’t support Ruben Diaz’s homophobic comments). (NY Post)
  • Gothamist joined Streetsblog in being very critical of the MTA’s mitigation plan for the L-train repairs, following up on both outlets’ initial scoops on the coming mini-L-pocalypse. The Post focused on the MTA scrubbing the 14th Street busway, while the Daily News reminded us how long we’ll be waiting for trains on weeknights (WSJ, too). Humble humanist Vin Barone at amNY focused on one word: “disruptive.”
  • NY1 covered placard abused. So did the anti-bike Queens Courier.
  • How do we feel about the movement to make more drivers — even if doing so is fair? (amNY)
  • New York treasure Jen Carlson deserves kudos for trying to clean the subway system after Gov. Cuomo’s insensitive remarks about how the MTA goes about it. (Gothamist)
  • You gotta check out this short video of all the different bike lane configurations on a single street in San Jose. (Bicycling)
  • And, finally, Tamika Butler is totally on a roll.