Friday’s Headlines: Is There a Big Game on Sunday Edition

Just in time for Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup of the Patriots and the Rams, the New York Post delivered an epic analysis of why everyone hates, or should hate, Tom Brady. That said, it is likely that everyone except New England fans will hate him even more after the game.

In any event, enjoy the game — or the commercials.

Meanwhile, here’s the news:

  • One day after Lyft and Juno sued to block the city’s taxi minimum wage, Uber revealed that it will start charging more to cover the added labor costs. (NY Post) Good, drivers should earn a fair wage and people who want the luxury of a chauffeured automobile ride should pay for it. And maybe the subway and buses won’t keep hemorrhaging riders.
  • The Daily News and amNY covered the TransitCenter’s call for more subway accessibility (Streetsblog did, too).
  • A judge has cleared the way for New York to start collecting a congestion tax on taxis, which will anger experts like Charles Komanoff, who argues that the fee is foolish unless it is paired with congestion tolls on other drivers, too. (NY Post) The Times version of the story buried the lede. The WSJ did not.
  • What do you call a dozen destroyed cars at Newark Airport? A start. (NY Post) The Times had video.
  • And, finally, Gridlock Sam gives his weekly reminder to not drive, which should be a daily reminder. (NYDN)