Thursday’s Headlines: The Nose Knows Edition

SB Donation NYC header 2We know the big talker of the day was Artie Lange’s cocaine-caved conker, but we livable streets activists don’t head to Page Six for our news (at least not right away). Instead, we scour the Internets looking only to nerd out on the latest trends in crosswalk design, bus rapid transit and, of course, “protected” bike lanes.

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Meanwhile, here’s the news on a slow news day:

  • We all saw this coming: Ofo, the bike-share company, is in trouble. (WSJ)
  • Looks like Jere Hester’s The City website is going to launch sometime in 2019 with a big investigation of placard abuse … just in time for the mayor to do … nothing.
  • It’s about time New York City started recognizing the Wu-Tang Clan (and others) with street names. (Rolling Stone — yes, Rolling Stone)
  • A couple has named its baby after the highway on which she was born. No, she’s not named Horace Harding, silly! (NY Post)
  • Oh, now we know why Mayor de Blasio is so excited about the Amazon deal — it revitalizes his BQX trolley folly. (QNS)
  • A cab driver was suspended for refusing to convey a gay man to his desired destination. (NY Post)
  • At last, someone has used satellites for the right reason — to map every urban tree! (CityLab)
  • And finally, someone in Soho loves the Boss. (Gothamist)

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