Friday’s Headlines: The Streetsblog Carolers Will Sing on NY1 This Morning!

SB Donation NYC header 2It’s a big day! The Streetsblog Carolers will be singing our anti-car, pro-transit Christmas classics (with the ever-so-slightly-tweaked lyrics) on the NY1 morning show with Pat Kiernan, Jamie Stelter and the rest of the “Mornings on 1” crew.

Tune in at around 7:45 a.m. to hear us before and after the commercial breaks. And we’ll be belting out our mega-hit, “Andrew, The Two-Faced Guv’Nor,” at 8:50 to close the show.

Meanwhile, our December donation drive continues (click the logo above!). Now, here’s the news:

  • Gothamist really enjoyed our coverage of the city’s “protected” bike lanes. And Second Avenue Sagas had the tweet of the day.
  • Congrats to the city Department of Transportation for making the People for Bikes top 10 list, thanks to the agency’s courageous construction of paired protected bike lanes — the real kind! — in Sunnyside this year.
  • A judge has suspended the Jan. 1 implementation of a congestion surcharge on taxis so that the courts can rule on its legality. (NYDN, NY Post, amNY, NY Times). In case you missed it, Charlie Komanoff was against this surcharge in the absence of full congestion pricing on other drivers.
  • Gov. Cuomo was in another tunnel photo op the other night. (NYDN)
  • Mayor de Blasio says he doesn’t approve of Jeff Bezos’s helipad — even though it’s in the Amazon deal he signed! (NY Post)
  • We didn’t always see eye-to-eye with the Queens Tribune, but we hate to see yet another local news outlet go belly up. (QNS)
  • Scooped! Just as Streetsblog is about to roll out its annual Streetsie awards for the heroes and zeroes of the Vision Zero era, Transportation Alternatives named Corey Johnson as its “Vision Zero Leader” of the year. (Our “Vision Zero Hero” award comes out next week.)

Have a great, dry weekend, everyone.