Wednesday’s Headlines: The Fare is too Damn High Edition

SB Donation NYC header 2It’s Wednesday, and that means the MTA board will finally decide whether it will accept the blame for a fare hike, or vote it down, and try to cast the blame on Gov. Cuomo, who hasn’t established a long-term funding scheme for the cash-strapped agency that just happens to keep our city functioning.

David Meyer did a nice analysis of the impasse, in case you missed it.

And our December Donation Drive continues (hint).

And now the news:

  • A Queens police precinct is finally cracking down on car owners who use traffic cones to steal street space for their autos. But we’re sure someone will blame the bike lanes. (Qns)
  • Car carnage in the Bronx. This time, a 6-year-old is the victim. (NYDN) There was also a fatal hit-and-run in Gravesend. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Council Member Mark Treyger will go to the intersection of Avenue Y and West Second Street to mourn 56-year-old victim Francine LaBarbara and complain about speeding drivers.
  • Pols are all going crazy about that weird — and seemingly fake — barely-show job as parking ticket fixer at the Department of Finance. (NY Post)
  • There’s not even like a tiny part of us that feels bad for State Senator Simcha Felder, the on-paper Democrat who caucused with the Republicans — and is now entirely out of power in Albany. (NY Post, Bklyner)
  • Do the math: The feds have kicked in all of $25 million for a $337-million repair project for the Brooklyn Bridge. But it’s a reminder to all who say drivers aren’t subsidized (they are). (amNY)
  • People love the Soundview ferry route at least. (CityLimits)
  • And, finally, we don’t get to link to The Onion very often, but America’s finest news source hit the nail on the head in its spoof of federal Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.