Friday’s Headlines: Victory on Morris Park Avenue Edition

SB Donation NYC header 2We’re just so excited that Mayor de Blasio and the Department of Transportation will defy a Bronx community board and redesign dangerous Morris Park Avenue (and, on the record, happy that we played a small role in making it happen).

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And now, the news:

  • A drunken cop ran over a cyclist on the East Side. The cyclist will be fine. The cop’s career? Let’s hope it’s in critical condition. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • The Daily News also followed yesterday’s stories about a cop who parked in the Jay Street bike lane, which led to an injury to a cyclist. The same cop later pushed another cyclist, though City Hall isn’t talking about that. (NYDN)
  • Some people are calling the city’s relationship with Citi Bike/Lyft an “insider deal.” (Clean Technica)
  • This great MTA video shows just how easy it is to jump the turnstile — and how everyone does it! Under. Over. Frontwards. Backwards. This is must-see TV. (Gothamist)
  • Thank goodness we have Gridlock Sam to remind us about Santa Con this Saturday. (NYDN)
  • Curbed’s Karrie Jacobs walked to LaGuardia Airport.
  • Politico’s Dana Rubinstein examines whether Andrew StatusCuomo opposes the fare hike — and what his appointees on the MTA board will do about it. (Politico)
  • Supporters of congestion pricing added another argument to the mix: Charging drivers to enter the central business district will save lives. (amNY)
  • Yes! We got Pete Tomlin to fix our subway signals! (NY Post) No, seriously, this guy is supposed to be the best. (amNY)
  • If you have four hours, feel free to watch Thursday night’s anti-Amazon CB2 Queens meeting — and watch at the end how anti-safety, pro-car activists try to co-opt the Amazon debate into yet another attempt to blame every bad thing on the Sunnyside bike lanes. (YouTube)
  • Weeds for Rails? Really? So we’re doing this, huh? OK, let the debate begin. (NY Post, amNY)
  • The city is tweaking its car-share parking on the Upper West Side as part of its ongoing pilot program. (Upper West Side Rag)

Have a great weekend…and give from the heart.

SB Donation NYC header 2