Thursday’s Headlines: Driving Us Crazy Edition

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Now, the news:

  • The Times’s latest report on global warming specifically blames a chief offender: drivers.
  • Want to save the subway? Pot to the rescue! (NY Post, NYT)
  • So much for learning about a clean undercarriage on the dirty underground. (NYDN)
  • Twitter suspends an MTA parody account for, apparently, being too accurate. (NYDN)
  • New Jersey transit riders will get their own mini L-pocalypse. (NYDN, WSJ, NY Post)
  • The Times says Bleecker Street is doing great. Remind those pro-parking people in Queens that there’s no parking along a long stretch of Bleecker most of the day. People shop by bike and foot, you know.
  • An eloquent Families for Safe Streets member won a settlement in his case. (NY Post)
  • And finally, the gang that couldn’t shoot straight has found work in Coney Island (NY Post)

SB Donation NYC header 2