Monday’s Headlines: Hanukkah Gelt Edition

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As you can see from the headline on the top of this homepage, Streetsblog has begun its annual December donation drive. Don’t be intimidated! Whether you’re emptying out your bank account, your wallet or just your couch cushions, we appreciate any gift. So click on the icon to the left, which you will see on every story this month, to lend us a hand so we can keep doing what we do.

And here’s today’s non-donation-related news:

  • Cops are searching for the hit-and-run driver who killed a Staten Island man in Brooklyn on Saturday, as Streetsblog reported. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • As David Meyer anticipated in Streetsblog this fall, the stretch of greenway along the FDR Drive near Waterside Plaza has been delayed. (Town and Village)
  • In his latest piece in Outside magazine, the Bike Snob argues against selling cycling as great for the planet. He’s right: We do it because it’s the best way to get around.
  • It’s pedestrian-herding season in Midtown! (Nicole Gelinas)
  • In case you missed it, amNY followed Streetsblog’s coverage of last week’s terror attack on the protected bike lanes in Sunnyside. (amNY)
  • Two Manhattan politicians use facts to remind pedestrians that they’re much safer now than they were five years ago because of protected bike lanes. Remind the mayor! (Our Town)
  • The Times once again looks at the issue of cabbie suicides. (NY Times)
  • One-time GOP powerhouse Al D’Amato — yes, still alive! — is telling President Trump to stop screwing around and fund the essential Gateway Tunnel. (NY Post)
  • Vision Zero suffers a blow in Jersey City. (Jersey Journal)
  • Autonomous vehicles will affect cities in many ways. One you might not have thought about is loss of revenue from traffic tickets. (Next City)
  • A policy expert for Bird blames drivers and poor infrastructure for e-scooters scofflaws and injuries. (Governing)
  • The most prolific letter writer in American history since Alexander Hamilton, Larry Penner, just landed a pro-gas-tax letter in the Chicago Sun-Times. Proud of you, Larry.
  • Sure, it rained, but Sunday’s annual Ciclistas Latinoamericanos de New York Santa Ride was great fun.

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  • And, finally, we have long admired Todd Maisel’s photography work and were happy to see that he’s still shooting, despite being laid off by the Daily News for no good reason. He did these nice shots of a driver who clearly was speeding when she hit a speed bump and overturned her fancy car. Conor Greene adds the crucial detail below Maisel’s tweet.