Friday’s Headlines: Leftover Turkey Sandwich Edition

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday and have already devoured that turkey-stuffing-cranberry sauce sandwich. We’re not really working today, but did want to give you some news to chew on:

  • The city removed the ghost bike for Madison Lyden on Central Park West. (H/T Bill Amstuz)
  • More details have emerged about the sudden death of defeated State Senator Jose Peralta. (NY Times, Albany Times Union)
  • Gift alert! Friend of Streetsblog Helen Ho is selling “Street Parking is Theft” t-shirts on Facebook.
  • Are shoppers even using all that parking on the busiest retail day of the year? Strong Towns wants people to post photos of underutilized lots on Black Friday to combat minimum parking requirements.
  • Road rage in Washington Heights. (NYDN)
  • People really hate the Amazon deal. (NY Post)