Monday’s Headlines: War to End All War Edition

Today is Veterans Day, which commemorates the end of World War I (once known as The World War until they went and had another one). Take a moment today to honor those who sacrificed — and then take another moment to do something — anything — to end war.

OK, getting off the soapbox, here’s today’s news:

  • We’ve been covering a rash of pedestrian deaths in Queens, but the Daily News covered yet another killing, this time on Continental Ave. in Forest Hills, when a driver ran over a 29-year-old man on Sunday afternoon and kept on going.
  • On Tuesday, the Board of Elections will start counting roughly 1,400 absentee ballots in the State Senate race between Election Night winner Andrew Gounardes and incumbent Marty Golden, who is down by 1,100-plus votes. In advance of the final talley, NY1’s Jeanine Ramirez filed a bizarre report that basically asked for the election to be held again so residents of State Senate District 22 could come to their senses and re-elect Golden like they were supposed to in the first place. Sheesh.
  • Roughly 75 percent of women have been harassed or robbed on transit, compared to 47 percent of men. (Rudin Center)
  • This whole Amazon thing is just corporate welfare. (Bloomberg)
  • Bergen Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is either the worst spot for illegal parking — or just where people complain to 311 about it. (Brooklyn Reader)