Tuesday’s Headlines: Just Get Out There And Vote Edition

You may have heard that there’s an election coming up. Well, it’s today. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., so get it done, people. At Streetsblog, we’ve certainly given you the tools, what with our relentless election coverage, archived here, plus our seemingly daily coverage of street safety pariah Marty Golden, who is facing a challenge from Democrat Andrew Gounardes (who got help from Ben Stiller and Andrew Cuomo on Monday).

It’s an important election. Please vote.

And now, the news:

  • The Times broke a big story that Amazon appears to be moving part of its massive HQ2 to Long Island City, which would really make Laura Shepard’s story about development of the Sunnyside Yards even more timely than it was when we published it! And, of course, Brian Howald had the perfect tweet.
  • Shepard was also in the news for a great video she posted on Facebook about why she supports Ballot Proposition 3, the community board term limit question. Streetsblog is also urging a YES vote on question 3 because community boards are disproportionately filled with old white men rather than reflective of the diverse communities they are supposed to reflect.
  • Fear of an Uber planet? Legend and rapper Chuck D posted a picture of himself on the subway on social media and called out the car service company as a “dumb way” to move around the city. He’s right. (NY Post)
  • The Brooklyn Bridge will be shut to cars, pedestrians and cyclists briefly on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons so El Chapo won’t get shot, escape or both. (NY Post)
  • The Wall Street Journal, in its apparent glee over the idea of cars that can communicate with each other, still uses the term “accident” to describe when a driver does such a bad job that he or she crashes into a pedestrian or cyclist. Safety, you’ll recall, is no accident. (WSJ)