Wednesday’s Headlines: War on Cars Edition

The big news today? The War on Cars podcast is back. The second episode — about autonomous cars — went live on Tuesday and can be downloaded or subscribed to via the Apple iTunes Store. And if you’re feeling really generous to my friends Sarah Goodyear, Doug Gordon or Aaron Naparstek, you can donate to their Patreon campaign, too. Just tell ’em Streetsblog sent you.

And here now, the other news…

  • Speaking about the war on cars, get this: A Chicago news station actually covered bike lane blocking the right way, treating cyclists as actual human beings who are actually endangered by trucks that force them into traffic! (CBS2) Any chance that NY1’s Clodagh McGowan could do that, like, ever?
  • It’s bad enough that delivery workers often have their e-bikes confiscated by cops, but now thieves are assaulting the hard-working men all across Manhattan. (Gothamist)
  • Former Daily News legend, undeserving layoff victim and serious cyclist Jim Farber offers an explainer on e-bikes that unfortunately gets some things wrong. It’s a badly edited piece, I’m afraid. (NY Times)
  • An audit shows what every NJ Transit rider already knows. (WSJ, but a special H/T to Gothamist for its more-accurate headline)
  • Vanquished State Senate candidate Ross Barkan announces his next move via Twitter — and a piece on Andrew #CuomosMTA for Gothamist. I’m happy to see he’s not too busy to return to his journalistic calling!
  • Transportation institution Aaron Gordon was acting all elusive on Twitter yesterday, teasing some radio appearance about a car-free city. Well, I guess we’ll have to listen! (WNYC)
  • And, finally, Jon Orcutt makes a good point here.