Tuesday’s Headlines: Shady Driver, Shady Owner, Shady Car Edition

There’s just one month until Election Day, Nov. 6, and if you want a State Senate that is responsive to street safety issues, you need to vote for people who you think care about street safety. We have no opinion on who they are, but StreetsPAC has offered suggestions here.

And now the news…

  • Twenty people are dead because of a speeding driver, but I have to admit, I didn’t see this twist coming: The owner of the upstate limousine involved in the fatal crash was an FBI informant who helped manufacture specious cases against immigrants. (NYDN, NY Post, NYT) And the driver of the car itself had a history of drug busts. (NY Post). Meanwhile, Jim Dwyer found a way to blame the car and not the driver. (NYT)
  • The Daily News’s Ken Lovett broke a big story: State Senator — and street safety pariah — Marty Golden is so worried about retaining his seat that he’s offering to put volunteers in hotels. (NYDN)
  • NYPD detective arrested for drunk driving. The only surprise is that he was arrested. (NYDN)
  • Question: Why can’t losers Tony Avella just go away? Now the Democrat in name only who lost the Sept. 13 primary to John Liu in Eastern Queens says he’ll run as a third-party candidate. (NY Post, WSJ)
  • I’m not sure what the news hook for this story was, but amNY strung together lots of people’s subway horror stories. And that was just Monday!
  • So, New Yorkers, you think you’re so energy-efficient? No, not really, as the indefatigable Aaron Gordon shows in Curbed.
  • The Riverdale Press followed David Meyer’s coverage of how hard it is to be a Manhattan-bound Bronx cyclist these days.
  • And, finally, imagine…if Yoko Ono designed a subway station. (NY1, Gothamist)

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