Friday’s Headlines: ‘So, Did Anything Happen Yesterday?’ Edition

I can’t believe how many people were talking about non-street safety topics yesterday! But while America was going up in flames, I spent the afternoon schooling WABC Radio hosts Curtis Sliwa and Rita Cosby on why cars are bad, why bike lanes are good, and why politicians need to actually support public transit instead of talking about supporting public transit. The one-hour Curtis and Cosby “Tri-State Transportation Panel” is archived here. Give a listen.

And now, the news:

  • Gridlock Sam says its safe to drive into the city again. Don’t listen to him, please! (NYDN)
  • Why are there no charges when a cement truck runs over a man in a crosswalk in Brooklyn? (NYDN)
  • Hey, cops, try not to shoot at fleeing suspects alongside the busiest bike lane in America, OK? (NY Post)
  • As always, transit writer Aaron Gordon summarized a big story — in this case, the BQE gripe-fest on Thursday night — into one tweet. News12 Brooklyn was also there and produced this substance-free report.
  • Bklyner took a look at the new metered parking near Industry City (though didn’t get into my theory that the parking was added to help Industry City, which wants customers to drive there).
  • This is odd: Businesses are closing in Forest Hills even before the city puts the new bike lane on Queens Boulevard. Hmm… (Queens Chronicle)
  • And in case you missed it, Jaguar is the latest company developing a driverless car that worries that it won’t be able to see pedestrians. (Fast Company)