Thursday’s Headlines: Everyone is Calling in Sick Today Edition

We know what you’ll be doing today, but if you want to listen to an entirely different history-making event, tune into WABC-77 today at 1 p.m. as I debate car-loving Curtis Sliwa and Rita Cosby on a broad range of transportation topics. All the info is here.

And now the news…

  • Mayor de Blasio and subway boss Andy Byford are on a collision course over funding the MTA. (NYDN)
  • The mini-L-pocalypse is coming every weekend in October, just so you can get a bitter taste of what is to come next year. (amNY)
  • Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez is going to ride the subway for 24 hours next week in an entirely unscientific effort to learn what riders think. (amNY)
  • The New York Post claims that Staten Islanders don’t like their new bus lines.
  • The Manhattan Bridge marked its millionth cyclist this year and Brian Howald got the photo of a sweaty but proud Charles Brunold.
  • Both the Post and Gothamist followed our world exclusive about the shortage of Citi Bikes right now, but only Gothamist gave us the hat tip.
  • The sky is falling at the Atlantic Terminal. (Gothamist)
  • I want to thank the Brooklyn Paper for letting me entirely take over its weekly radio show this week. I used the lofty perch to grill Almost-Senator Zellnor Myrie about his positions on bike lanes, bus lanes, cops in bike and bus lanes and, of course, weed. (Brooklyn Paper Radio)
  • Uber now says it wants to be part of the solution to the problem it caused. (NY Times)
  • Don’t forget: Tonight is the big BQE meeting and the big MTA bus meeting in the Bronx.
  • And finally, here’s today’s photo of the day, courtesy of Friend of Streetsblog, JarekFA: