Tuesday’s Headlines: Gridlock Alert Starts Early Edition

I didn’t win an Emmy last night (I know, right?), so I’m starting my Tuesday at DOT headquarters to learn all about the city’s plans for more gridlock alert days! Whoo-hoo. Check back later for a story (or maybe not because it’s in the Times this morning). In any event, now…

The news:

  • I don’t like cars, but even I don’t want to see 100 of them go up in flames at a Brooklyn shopping mall. Which happened yesterday. (NYDN) The good news? The suspect says he’s sorry. (NY Post)
  • Queens parents are dealing with more no-show buses. (NYDN) Mayor de Blasio blames the bus companies. (NY Post)
  • The New York Times headline on Jan Ransom’s coverage the bus driver who killed Citi Bike rider Dan Hanegby is so offensive that I want to cancel my subscription (but I’d miss Krugman). A question mark? A question mark?! The bus driver was, in fact, to blame for one simple reason: There’s a big rectangular pedal next to the accelerator that he failed to press. The driver’s trial is expected to go to the jury on Thursday.
  • Wow, um, this Daily News op-ed saying Andrew #StatusCuomo has “every right to brag” about the subway is, um, wow, er, hard to read as anything but satire. Gothamist had a different, substantially hotter, take.
  • Man, if I worked for “Bridgeblog” instead of “Streetsblog,” I would order up a deep dive into what the hell is happening with the always-broken pedestrian bridge from Columbia Heights to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Fortunately, the Brooklyn Paper is all over the mysterious money pit.
  • Staten Island’s Democratic Congressional candidate Max Rose must have skipped the “win friends” part of the Dale Carnegie book with a new ad targeted at his party colleague Mayor de Blasio. That kind of thing does play well on the Rock. (NY Post)
  • Plenty of people are still complaining about the city and state L-train mitigation plan, but at least a few bus riders in Canarsie will get a new bus line. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • A reporter for Business Insider got rid of her car entirely and is loving life.
  • In case you didn’t get enough of Monday’s subway meltdown, relive it with amNY’s Vin Barone or Gothamist’s John del Signore.
  • NY1 throws some shade on the MTA’s much-hyped Staten Island express bus improvements. And to think, Jimmy Oddo was just coming around on that.