Monday’s Headlines: Boomtown Rats Edition

I happen to like Mondays, Sir Bob Geldof. Why? Because there’s so much news to recap:

  • A drunk driver killed a man in the Bronx over the weekend and was, fortunately, charged with vehicular manslaughter. (NYDN)
  • More mayhem, this time in Midtown as a speeding motorcyclist crashes into a  driver. But, sure, let’s blame cyclists. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • The Daily News found school bus drivers with, wait for it!, criminal pasts. The vetting process, the paper reports, “is historically too lax to weed out problem drivers.” Meanwhile, the Post showed us a bus ride that was, seriously, hard to fathom.
  • The subway system was good only one day in August, the Riders Alliance said Sunday. (amNY). Meanwhile, the Times looks at why so many people are climbing onto the tracks.
  • ICYMI: The Washington Post reminded us anew that we’re wrong to keep trusting Elon Musk.
  • Anyone disappointed in Public Advocate Tish James’s victory for Attorney General (looking at you, me!) will be equally disspirited by the retreads able public servants running to replace her. The good news? Many council members are considering a run, including Carlos Menchaca and Ydanis Rodriguez. (NYDN, NYT)
  • How did that $30-million renovation of the Cathedral Parkway subway station turn out? Great — if you like puddles! (NY Post)
  • A British Columbia newspaper went big on our “Sorriest Bus Contest” winner with an article of its own. (Maple Ridge News)
  • Wired followed Streetsblog’s prior coverage of how driverless car developers want to blame pedestrians.
  • Here’s a great cops in bike lanes video from Chesney Parks, who specializes in this booming genre of movie-making.
  • I love these pictures of kids waiting for the school bus. The suburbs are so bleak! (NPR)
  • And finally, I admit it, I started it. I tweeted over the weekend about triple-parking on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, prompting State Senate candate Vickie Paladino to troll my concern for street safety. So I did some digging on Paladino, and here’s what I found: She’s the crazy person who got out of her car to confront Mayor de Blasio last year over a trip he took; she’s the crazy Whitestone resident who lied about the city’s process to create a bike lane on Northern Boulevard; and she’s the apparently uneducated person who doesn’t know that there are multiple Asian languages. Oh, and she wants to be a State Senator from Queens’s polyglot 11th District. I’m glad I looked into this! If you want to know all you need about Paladino, just click here.