Friday’s Headlines: Election Hangover Edition

Obviously the election will dominate the coverage today, with plenty of Friday-morning quarterbacking (NYT, NY Post, WSJ, amNY, Variety). But Streetsblog’s outgoing legend Ben Fried gave readers the most important take on how this election was a referendum to throw the bums out. R.I.P. I.D.C. In the big race, the Daily News wood (“Status Cuo-mo”) was the best (though I don’t love the hyphen).

In other news:

  • The Post followed Fried’s lead and also focused on the progressive uprising in the State Senate. amNY did, too.
  • The MTA’s Twitter account has earned kudos in the past for being a little bit cheeky and trying to feel the pain of subway riders. Yeah, um, yesterday, that didn’t go over so well. (Post)
  • Jessie Singer of TransAlt offers a first-person piece for Medium about why she was willing to get arrested for the cause of speed cameras. One key takeaway: “Since 2014, the New York Police Department caught 520,000 speeding drivers. Speed cameras caught 4.6 million.”
  • A long read in the Atlantic on the state of local media quotes Friends of Streetsblog Liene Zagare of Bklyner and Vince DiMiceli of The Brooklyn Paper.
  • Some work is being done on Northern Boulevard, but not the “New Boulevard of Death” part. (Queens Chronicle)
  • Harvard researchers have figured it out! Plant more trees and make more room for bikes and everyone is happy (I’m paraphrasing, of course). (CityLab)
  • And Business Insider has a fun video about a guy who built a better mousetrap (if by mousetrap, I mean, a different way of cycling in the winter).
  • I recently had an “off-the-record” chat with Lyft co-founder John Zimmer and he told me lots of stuff I couldn’t print. Well, some of it leaked anyway. Thanks, John. (Wired)