Wednesday’s Headlines: There is No Late Bird

Bring an umbrella.

Meanwhile, those of you who get our daily email blast — you don’t get it? Sign up right there on the right … right now! — may notice that starting today, we’ll send it earlier to serve you better. It’s like Mom always said, “There’s no late bird. There’s only the early bird because the early bird gets all the worms and the late bird starves to death.” (Yeah, Mom was a little grim.)

In any event, here’s today’s news:

  • The Times came out in favor of congestion pricing (again), this time through the lens of Thursday’s primary elections. Reminder: Find out who supports congestion pricing with our handy Election 2018 questionnaires.
  • amNY asked, “Is Northern Boulevard the new “Boulevard of Death”? Sorry, but I think I asked and answered that on Monday… (Answer: Yes.)
  • Queens Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer sat down with Rebecca Baird-Remba of the Commercial Observer to talk about the BQX (it doesn’t seem “real, feasible, tangible,” he said) and rehash the Sunnyside bike lane debacle (“It became very personal and divisive in a way I could never have anticipated”).
  • The MTA’s longest serving motorman is sidelined. (NYDN)
  • Here’s some horrifying video of what drivers can do to pedestrians. (NYP)
  • Andrew Cuomo’s own “Bridgegate” scandal is looking worse and worse. (NYP, NYT)
  • The Post finally covers the insurgent surge for State Senate seats (and the Wall Street Journal did, too). The Times also looked at one key Bronx race. Our comprehensive election coverage is all archived here.
  • And the lead photo in this Times piece about housing should horrify any urbanite. Yes, this is how land is developed outside cities. (NYT)

Don’t forget: Polls are open on Thursday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.