Friday’s Headlines — Time to Kick Back Edition

We close out our first week of State Senate primary coverage with a Brooklyn battle pitting Zellnor Myrie and incumbent Jesse Hamilton. All of our prior coverage is archived here.

And now, here’s a mix of today’s news and some long reads that will keep you entertained all weekend long. Happy Labor Day, New York.

  • Follow-ups to Streetsblog’s scoop on the BQX were all over the papers. The Daily News dismissed the whole thing, saying Mayor de Blasio “is trying to jump-start his stalled streetcar with a new route and study.” The Post called it “pie-in-the-sky.” The Times sniffed that it’s “not coming soon.” The WSJ said hopes were “fading.” And amNY said the plan is “plugging forward.”

And in more news:

  • Ever hear of the Malbone Street crash? You will. (NYP)
  • The Times followed Streetsblog’s coverage of hit-and-run drivers who get off scot free. (NYT)
  • The Rockaway Shuttle train returns to normal service finally. (NY1)
  • In case you missed it, something crazy happened with the Citi Bike map on Thursday.
  • Here’s a deep dive: Vox interviewed the authors of “Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality,” a new book about how the Netherlands rejected auto-centric planning and became the bike capital of the world.
  • And another from CityLab, which is rethinking the Grid (much as our own Clarence Eckerson Jr. did earlier).
  • And, finally, why not take a little time to listen to our weekly “Talking Headways” podcast? This week: The glory of urban life, circa 1938.

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