Thursday’s Headlines — Battle for Albany Edition

Everyone is talking about Albany, so we’ll continue our first week of Senate primary coverage today with a Queens matchup: Jessica Ramos vs. Jose Peralta, who many believe is a rogue Democrat. Catch all our prior candidate questionnaire answers here.

And now the news:

  • The press was dominated by coverage of the gubernatorial debate between Andrew #CuomosMTA and a Cynthia “I’m not a Corporation, I’m a Person” Nixon. The Times seemed to score it even in both the main story and a fact-check piece. The Post seemed to view the whole thing as a loathsome intra-Democrat thing, but then again, the Murdoch-owned tabloid didn’t use the term “socialist” to describe Nixon, as the Daily News did. (Tell it to Sweeney.) And, amNY offered up the top moments in digestible form. Even Daily Variety covered the debate from the MTA and pot angle.
  • And in case there was any doubt which side Mayor de Blasio was on, he put out a (self-?) righteous tweet blaming Cuomo for being “really bad at” running the MTA.

  • Most of the locals also covered the City Council’s pro-forma approval of its own speed camera bill — the one that may not survive a constitutional challenge. (NYP, NYDN, NY1)
  • In case you missed it, Kiera Feldman previewed Wednesday’s hearing to affirm Mayor de Blasio’s order to revoke the license of rogue carting company Sanitation Salvage. Feldman’s ProPublica piece had a few juicy details, including that State Senator Jeff Klein and City Council Member Mark Gjonjaj, wrote a letter of support for the company. That doesn’t seem like much work for the two guys who received $160,o00 in campaign contributions from the disgraced firm and affiliated companies. The final ruling on Sanitation Salvage is expected later today.
  • Here’s a new one: A cyclist tweeted that he got ticketed for riding his bike without his hands.
  • Mayor de Blasio opened yet another ferry line on Wednesday, and CurbedNY is not happy. Fun fact: the NY1 story was written by a reporter named Ferry!

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