Wednesday’s Headlines — It’s Gonna Be a Scorcher Edition

You’re going to look very hot on your bike today.

But not as hot as our primary election coverage, which continues today with a Democratic matchup of Julia Salazar against incumbent Martin Dilan in Williamsburg and Bushwick. Prior coverage is archived here or you could click the Election 2018 tab above.

Now, to the newsroom!

  • The Post did a wan re-write of Gothamist and Streetsblog’s coverage of the Ninth Street Bike Lane Blocker, but added in a tiny bit of news: Liz Plosser’s “sweet Subaru” has finally been towed. (NYP)
  • As NYC Transit boss Andy Byford ponders how to fix the bus system, the Times offers one cheat sheet: A story about a Staten Island bus that takes three hours to go from one end to the other. (NYT)
  • And staying on the bus beat, the Times op-ed pages offer author Zachary R. Wood’s Nietzschean recollection of taking the school bus every day. (NYT)
  • On Monday, Streetsblog gave you four takeaways from the City Council’s speed camera bill. A day later, the Staten Island Advance came up with 11. (SILive)
  • In other speed camera news, the Daily News focused its coverage on crash victims teary Council testimony, while amNY focused on expansion.
  • Coverage is also starting to come in on GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro’s MTA plan. (amNY; Gotham Gazette) And the Post editorial board, of course, loves it because the Republican candidate “takes on labor.” (NYP)
  • Confused about how to ride a bike in New York City? Thrillist takes time out from its normal coverage of the best burgers in the city to address this crucial transportation issue. (Thrillist)
  • The New Yorker’s Alexandra Lange made me cry with this story about how imprisoned we make our kids because of how dangerous our roads are.
  • NY1 looks at the dollar van industry, which the MTA is hoping to starve with better bus service.
  • The Brooklyn Paper got the godmother of Luz Gonzalez, who was run down by a sidewalk driver in Bushwick, to condemn the mayor. (BP)
  • Cornell University’s in-house mag offers a deep dive into Citi Bike’s “Bike Angels” program, which, natch, was partly created by…Cornell grads! (Cornell Chronicle)
  • And, finally, Friend of Streetsblog and Streetfilm auteur Clarence Eckerson sent over gorgeous before-and-after videos of the 20th Avenue bike lane in Queens. The problem? The “before” video looks a lot better than the “after” video, thanks to the failure of the city to maintain the path. “It’s a hell hole of a ride now,” Eckerson told Streetsblog.

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