Tuesday’s Headlines — Special Speed Camera Edition

Before the news, a reminder: Streetsblog’s State Senate coverage continues today with the Big Bay Ridge Battle pitting Democrats Andrew Gounardes
and Ross Barkan in the Sept. 13 undercard to face Republican Marty Golden in November. Prior coverage is archived under the Election 2018 tab above.

And here now the news:

  • It was all speed cameras all the time, one day after the news broke that the scofflaw-snaring safety systems would be returning. Everyone (NY Daily News, NY Post, NY Times, AMNY, WSJ, Gothamist and NY1) covered Governor Cuomo’s move Monday to legalize what the city plans to do to get around recalcitrant Senate Republicans. The Daily News even added an editorial to praise the partnership of new pals, Mayor de Blasio and Cuomo. And, of course, Streetsblog weighed in not once, but twice.
  • Gothamist followed up Streetblog’s coverage of the lone car blocking the Ninth Street bike lane.
  • Council Speaker Corey Johnson and Council Member Ritchie Torres of the Bronx get Times kudos for beefing up the oversight committee. (NYT)
  • Animal stories are tabloid gold, as the News’s Dan Rivoli reminds us — except, point of information: There’s no Third Avenue L train station in Brooklyn (see screen shot below). (NYDN)daily news
  • There was some major car mayhem on the Verrazano Bridge on Monday night — but you can’t blame the bike lane because…there isn’t a bike lane on the Verrazano Bridge. (NYDN)
  • The Daily News editorial page says New York should allow e-scooters (and without the requisite blame on cyclists for supposedly causing road chaos). (NYDN)
  • Gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro put out his white paper on fixing the MTA, which was made fun of on Twitter.
  • Here was yesterday’s photo evidence of cops behaving badly submitted by Friend of Streetsblog, @placardabuse.
  • And, like you, I’m obsessed with bikes and with the news, so given the events of the last few days, I searched Google Images for “John McCain” and “bicycle” and “Neil Simon” and “bicycle,” but nothing came up. Apparently neither American icon rode a two-wheeler as an adult. But I did find Streetsblog’s own story about how McCain once opposed bicycling to airports.